Introducing my first 10 week challenge

20160620_084934It’s the start of another new week hurrah!

And despite having a hideous amount of work to do for my EU law exam on Friday, I thought I would set myself a new challenge.  I’ve got one of those pull off calendar countdown things just screaming out for one, so here goes…


Each week for the next 10 weeks I will:

Make a new vegetarian or vegan recipe.

14a6ebbea74eeefa156dfaea1771b5efIt will be something that I’ve never made before, and it could be anything that tickles my fancy.  This is a huge positive step for me – to make the effort to cook from scratch for myself.  I’ve been enjoying doing it for the last few months but need some extra motivation so am hoping this challenge will help. Each week I’ll review how easy the recipe was to follow, how the dish turned out, how it tasted, and anything else that I can think of.


Try out a new exercise, activity or sport. 

Exercise-clip-art-free-free-clipart-images-4The idea behind this is obvious – to keep improving my fitness levels and have fun. Again, each week I will review what it was like, how much I enjoyed it, how easy or difficult it was, all sorts of stuff.


So if you’ve got any ideas for either recipes or activities I can try please let me know.  I am open to suggestions!

Thank you.

Love L x



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