I always loved being active.  I did competitive ballroom dancing from a young child to my late teens, and I was pretty good.  I won stuff.  We trained and practiced for at least 10 hours a week, plus had competitions most weekends. So I was fit.

But after I gave dancing up (probably my biggest regret in life) my activity levels waned. Apart from several years of raving in my 20s, as an adult I’ve been more couch potato than trampoline turnip.

Every few months I’d have a month or 2 of taking up some form of exercise – aerobics, netball, running, badminton but it would never last.

Then after I had decided to change my life (you know when I was very poorly), I remembered my love for dancing and started going to zumba classes 3 years ago.  I started with zumba gold, a low impact version, then built up to the full-on party zumba.

It was hard at first but I loved it.

In 2015 I started cycling.  I learned how to ride a bike and signed up to a 27 mile challenge, to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.  One of my sisters did it with me and we had a great day, raising over £1000.  But I haven’t cycled since.

The cardiologists would like  me to increase my aerobic fitness before surgery.  Not as easy as it sounds when you have an enlarged heart.  I was put through some cardiac fitness tests and given the go ahead.

I would like to get fitter, get stronger and toned.

But I was scared of injuring myself, overloading my heart, and most of all of giving up. Again.

I had no idea what my body was capable of, if anything much at all!  I knew I needed support, and someone to teach me how to train.  Someone who would get alongside me and not judge me.  Someone who had the time, patience and professional expertise to really help me get fit and stay fit.

I found her.  Her name is Jennie.  She runs Set U Free Fitness, and you can read her story here. 

I’m starting this blog just 5 weeks into this next stage of my fitness journey.  Exciting innit?